Does your small business really need CCTV?

For a small business with fairly discrete premises, an investment in CCTV might seem like a step to far. After all, if there’s only a handful of you working there and not too much of value on site, why waste money on an eye in the sky? After all, nobody wants to steal from you, right?

You might think so, but the statistics say something different. In fact, a third of SME owners believe crime against small businesses is on the rise, according to research by Premierline Direct. They stated that the most common crime against an SME is theft from premises (54%), and that the claims from these thefts averages around £3,409.

Not only that, but of the SME’s that have reported crimes against themselves in the past few years, 35% have been targeted more than three times subsequently. So it seems that once criminals figure out you’re unprotected, you become a sitting duck for future break-ins too.

The benefits of CCTV for SME’s

  • Tackling crime: Certainly the most obvious reason to consider CCTV is to prevent and tackle crime. Sometimes just the presence of the CCTV cameras are enough to deter vandals and burglars from targeting your premises. And if the worst does happen, you’ve got valuable evidence to support both police investigations and your insurance claim.
  • Protecting staff: Installing CCTV can go a long way towards helping your staff feel more comfortable and confident. This can be particularly important in customer facing roles, such as receptionists and salespeople, and to those who work night shifts in isolated locations.
  • Claiming on insurance: Lots of insurance companies now offer welcome discounts to businesses who have had the foresight to install CCTV in their premises. Even if yours doesn’t, you’ll have the peace of mind that your premises are protected, and that any insurance claim arising will be easy to process. You’ll be able to see straight away what was stolen or damaged, and will have all the supporting evidence you need to make a claim from your insurer.
  • Productivity benefits: Many SME owners report marked increases in productivity after they’ve installed a CCTV system. Office workers, factory staff, cleaners and others will be less likely to waste time when they’re at work if they know they might be being watched, and as a manager you’ll be able to readily identify and take action on unsuitable behaviour in the workplace.

You might think an investment in CCTV for your small business is out of reach, but a great deal has changed in recent years. Improvements in wireless CCTV technology means these types of systems are highly cost effective and perform excellently too. Many wireless CCTV systems can be integrated with your existing or a new alarm system, to give you full coverage and protect your building 24 hours a day. Talk to our security experts about wireless CCTV for your SME and give your business the protection it deserves.