Here at Gsec4, we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke, affordable security solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes. We work with major businesses such as Costco and Feme, as well as with small independent businesses, start-ups and SME’s.

Our in house IT specialists are able to make the most of the benefits of modern, internet protocol (IP) systems for security, and design you a bespoke solution to take care of all your needs. With over 35 years of experience in the security industry, there’s no better choice for ultimate protection of your premises than Gsec4.

Our clients

We work with businesses from a range of sectors and environments. You can count on us to provide your perfect security solution, whatever your needs and budget might be. Our specialist security engineers will design and install cost effective CCTV, access control and alarm systems for:

  • Nightclubs: Keep your business safe and secure both when you’re open and when you’re not. Protect your customers, employees and stock from vandalism, robbery and violence with our intelligent alarm and CCTV setup.
  • Pubs: From access control systems to high tech burglar alarm systems, our team have the expertise to keep your premises secure 24/7.
  • Shops: Affordable alarm and intruder alert systems for shops of all shapes and sizes. Ask us about our live CCTV monitoring starting at just £10 +VAT per camera, per month.
  • Schools: Monitor who enters and exits the school building each day, and keep staff and pupils safe with our top of the range access control systems.
  • Warehouses: From intruder alerts and CCTV monitoring to remote surveillance and elegant internet based security, your warehouse has never been safer than it will be with Gsec4.
  • Residential: Feel more secure in your own home, protect your precious valuables and feel confident when you’re away with our affordable home security systems.
  • Office: From compact enterprise units to sprawling, multi-floor office blocks, we’ve got the right solution to keep your assets and employees safe every day.
  • Commercial: Talk to Gsec4 about our innovative CCTV security systems for all types of commercial premises, and realise the benefits of internet protocol (IP) systems for security.
  • Factory: Whether you want to restrict access, keep an eye on employees or simply protect your building at all times, our factory CCTV setup solutions are the number one choice.
  • Religious buildings: Whether you run a Church, Mosque, Temple or another type of religious building, our low cost security systems will ensure your premises are protected all year round.
  • Hoarding security: Whether your hoarding is for privacy, for security or for both, trust us to monitor, protect and manage your hoarding security needs better than any other supplier.
  • Scaffolding security: Keep your meticulously erected scaffolding safe from vandalism and tampering, even when there’s no-one on site.
  • 24/7 monitored CCTV: Need an extra pair of eyes? Whatever your needs for CCTV, we can monitor your system LIVE for less. Prices start from just £10 (+VAT) per camera per month.

For all shapes and sizes of buildings, businesses and premises, our company is the top choice for security in London and the surrounding area. Talk to our expert technicians today and see for yourself just how affordable security can be.

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