Alarm Maintenance

As part of our holistic home and business security services, we offer cost effective, ongoing alarm system maintenance to all of our clients. All maintenance visits are carried out by highly experienced, qualified engineers, and at a time that is convenient to you.

Having your alarm regularly serviced and maintained is crucial if you want to ensure it is operating properly. Consumer advice group Which? states that over 35 per cent of their members have their alarm regularly maintained, and recommend you use a professional alarm system maintenance company such as ours to check the device at least once a year.

Maintenance checks will highlight any defects with your alarm, and will give us an opportunity to check it is installed and operating effectively. This will give you peace of mind that your home or business is adequately protected, and that your investment in security measures has been well placed.

Our alarm system maintenance checks will also offer a chance to address any instances of false alarms, by allowing us to review the triggers, sensitivity and other related issues which could set it off at the wrong time. Talk to us today about our great value alarm maintenance contracts and keep your building safe and secure for many years to come.

Alarm Monitoring

When you have an alarm professionally installed by Gsec4, you have the option to include remote alarm monitoring as part of your package. This means that your property is connected to an alarm monitoring service, and any alert of an intruder or fire will be responded to immediately.

How does it work?
When you opt for a monitored alarm system, your alarm will be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who will respond to any alert issued at your property. The response made will depend on your own preference, but could include:

  • Telephoning you or key people within your organisation or household
  • Texting (SMS), emailing or sending mobile notifications to keyholders directly
  • Requesting attendance of the emergency services including police

The connection between your alarm system and the ARC can be made via telephone line, over the internet or by GPRS mobile technology. You can opt to use more than one of these methods so that you have a backup, for example if your telephone line has been cut.

Do you need a monitored system?
It is highly recommended that you connect your Gsec4 supplied alarm system to the remote monitoring centre, as this will give you peace of mind 365 days a year that someone is looking after your premises. Non monitored alarm systems that simply sound a siren may frighten away an opportunist intruder, but are unlikely to deter a more organised criminal.

Choosing remote alarm monitoring for your system comes with the added benefit of a reduction in insurance premiums from almost every provider. The Guardian reports that home insurance companies frequently reduce premiums by between two and 15 per cent when you choose a monitored alarm, and that discount can be even greater if you are a commercial business.

Talk to us today about low cost alarm monitoring for your business or home, and give yourself round the clock peace of mind every day of the year.

CCTV Maintenance

Installing CCTV is a great first step to improving the security of your home or business. But in order to keep that protection working efficiently, it’s also important to have regular, professional maintenance of your system too. Gsec4 provide great value annual CCTV maintenance contracts to all our customers, and can ensure that your investment results in the optimum protection for your premises.

Typical CCTV maintenance problems
Failing to regularly maintain your CCTV can result in a number of common faults, many of which can reduce the efficiency of your system, or even stop it working altogether. When we conduct our routine CCTV maintenance visits, we sometimes find:

    • DVR settings become changed
      Occasionally, inexperienced operators might inadvertently change the settings of the DVR, which can mean essential information is not recorded or saved for as long as you would like.
    • Cabling becomes damaged
      CCTV cabling can be run underground, through walls and even through ceilings of premises, and having other work done in the building can sometimes mean cables are cut or damaged.
    • Software needs updating
      Just as your computer needs regular updates, so the software in your CCTV system may need to be updated from time to time.
    • Camera lenses become obscured, dirty or cameras are knocked out of position
      Cameras indoors and outdoors can become dirty due to dust, and over time this can impair the quality of your picture. Also, objects that are moved around the building can obscure the view, or the camera can be knocked, causing it to miss essential areas.

Having a regular CCTV maintenance contract with Gsec4 means we can check for these issues and any other problems that can occur over time, keeping your system running perfectly for many years to come. Talk to our experienced engineers today about our great value maintenance contracts for your home or business CCTV system.