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VIDEX 2 button, Kristallo Series Two Wire Colour Video Kit with codelock

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The CESVKC-2S/KRV86W colour video kit is based on the digital VX2300 “true” 2 wire bus system. It utilises a common bus, made of two non-polarised wires only, keeping installations simple. The 2 wire bus simply connects from the entry panel to the PSU and then from the PSU to a 2 way video distribution box and then up to the Kristallo series videophones. The kit includes a 2 button video/speaker front panel, codelock unit, surface back box, 2321 PSU, video distribution box and two Kristallo series videophones (KRV86W).

  • Common two wire, non-polarized (twisted pair) bus connections keeping installations simple.
  • Up to 200m using Videx specific CM2 cable or 100m using standard twisted pair cable (CAT5).
  • System expandable up to 8 entrances with up to 4 videophones per button.
  • 2 button colour video/speaker module and codelock module entry panel including 2 module surface back box.
  • 2x surface Kristallo series videophones in satin white finish.
  • 30VDC, 2 wire bus power supply 2321.
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