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VIDEX 6 button 4000 Series Non-coax Colour Video kit (surface)

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The C4KVID6SNC colour video kit is based on the digital VX2200 6 wire bus system. It is a non-coax video system that uses a balanced video pair (V1/V2) so no coaxial cable is required. The kit comes with the 6200 series videophones (6272) and comprises of a 1 button video/speaker front panel (4283-1/C), 5 button expansion module (4845) and appropriate surface back box (4882), 20VDC video PSU (893N), 12VDC PSU with battery back up facility (521B) and 2 video distribution box (316). Common 6 wire bus connections including balanced video pair V1/V2 so no coax cable required. Expandable up to 8 entrances using the common 6 wire bus with no need for additional entrance switching relays. 1 button colour video/speaker module and 5 button expansion module entry panel including 2 module surface back box. 6x surface 6200 series videophones (6272) 20VDC, 1A video PSU (893N) and 12VDC, 1A PSU with battery back up facility (521B). 2x 4 way video distribution box (316).

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